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This project originally started as a personal journey in one persons attempts to map out his Romany family tree, but as so many families are closely intertwined, it very quickly grew out of hand and turned into what you find before you here today; a heritage project dedicated to finding, tracking and recording any mention of Romany Gypsy families and individuals between the years 1500-1900, in the United Kingdom & United States of America.

This project is still run by an individual looking to complete his own family tree but as we are all essentially family, we hope you'll find some of the information shared within the pages of this website, useful in your own research ...


Includes tracing various Romany family lines or individuals & breaking down brick walls.


Everything of interest we discover in our research, we carefully log and record.


When the research & recording processes are complete, we share our discoveries here ...

4860 BMD Records
757 Census Individuals
219 Newspaper Articles
2795 Locations

Blog Articles

George Borrow George Borrow: The Masterful Storyteller and the Art of Embellishment

George Borrow: The Masterful Storyteller and the Art of Embellishment

Saturday, 2nd Sep 2023 | by Gary

George Henry Borrow was born on July 5, 1803, in East Dereham, Norfolk, England. The son of a military man, Thomas Borrow, and his wife, Ann, George’s early life was marked by frequent relocations due to his father’s army postings. This nomadic upbringing, characterized by new towns and changing landscapes, perhaps sowed the seeds of …
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Romany Heritage: Misconceptions, Mystifications and the Quest for Identity

Romany Heritage: Misconceptions, Mystifications and the Quest for Identity

Tuesday, 25th Jul 2023 | by Gary

In recent years, there has been a surge in interest from individuals seeking to connect with their supposed “Romany heritage”, often fueled by misconceptions and stereotypes associated with Romany culture. This article explores the phenomenon, its underpinnings, and the lengths some people will go to in search of a perceived mystic heritage. Understanding the Romany …
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John Wharton

John Wharton

Tuesday, 18th Feb 2020 | by Seth Worden

The aim of this project and website, is to aspire to further the knowledge of our combined family history. Recently we turned our attention to a family surname, of which I share, “Wharton”.  The Wharton family has been researched to some degree, with several publications detailing John & Fanny Wharton and their descendants with a …
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Trail Owen Stanley, Boswell, Ayres?

Owen Stanley, Boswell, Ayres?

Saturday, 19th Jan 2019 | by Gary

It’s been a while (somewhat of an understatement) since I posted my last article and I’d like to today focus again on Owen Stanley and provide some updates as to other information I have discovered. Before we begin, I will say that this is more of a “thinking out loud” article, rather than providing any …
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