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With the form below, you can help us expand our collection. Primarily designed for baptism, marriage, and burial entries, this form also welcomes pointers to uncharted census records and newspaper articles.

Please Note:

  • We follow the 100 year rule; We tend not to include records newer than 100 years ago to protect families today. At the time of writing this, if the record you want to submit is newer than 1923, it will be ignored.
  • Submitted records aren't instantly live. They first undergo review for verification. Once approved, they're showcased on our site, typically within a week, contingent on source accessibility.
  • Before you submit, do ensure the record isn't already in our database. It saves both your time and ours.

Guidelines for Record Submission:

  1. Essentials: Include the date of the event, record type, and its source.
  2. Location Format: Preferably in "place, county, country" (e.g., Exeter, Devon, UK).
  3. Names: Detail the names of individuals. For entries like marriages or census records involving multiple names, please list all.
  4. Further Insights: Use the "Further Information" section for extra details. If the records don't evidently indicate Romany/Travellers, provide a brief rationale or evidence for the submission.
  5. Your details: We only ask for your name / email so we know who submitted the record and who to get in contact with if we have any questions regarding your submission, although you don't have to fill this in if you don't want to, it's not a requirement.

Your contribution is invaluable to our project. Thank you!