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Death of a Familiar Figure

Tuesday, 3rd September 1912

Exonians will miss a familiar figure from their midst by the death of Mr. Moses Small, who passed away yesterday at the mature age of 82 at his residence in Willey's Avenue, St. Thomas.

The news will come as a surprise to many, particularly those with whom he has been accustomed to do business in his occupation as a horse dealer, for but a week or so ago he was pursuing his calling with that alacrity and geniality which had made him such a popular figure throughout the country. His many years did not seem to dull his business acumen in the least, and even his intimate friends, who knew, perhaps, he must be getting 'up along', could scarcely realize that he was so old as stated. His health was remarkably good up to about four months ago, when he commenced to fail.

His connection with the horse dealing trade covered a span of 50 to 60 years, and country horse fairs and similar gatherings will find it difficult, perhaps, to accustom themselves to the absence of 'Old Moses' as he was popularly called. Mr. Small was as good a judge of horseflesh as could be found, and he enjoyed the reputation of being always ready to pay what the horse was worth. His business integrity was evinced by the fact that for a number of years he had supplied the Exeter City Council with horses and had done business in this line with a large number of firms and gentlemen in the county.

He leaves a widow and large family.

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