Portsmouth Evening News

Rival Camps

Tuesday, 19th July 1904

Job Bowers and Giles Bowers, two gipsies, were both summoned for assaulting Walter Wells, at Sarisbury, on the 10th inst.

It appeared that the parties belonged to rival camps, and the two defendants challenged Wells to fight. He declined to do so, and both of them put up their fists, and Giles Bowers hit him.

Mrs. Wells and a witness named Hughes each said that both defendants struck Wells, but Britannia Ayres said that 'Giley' Bowers was the only one that did any hitting. Giles Bowers was also charged with assaulting Mrs. Wells.

According to the complainant there was a disturbance between the two Bowers and her husband, and she went down to see what was the trouble. 'Giley' Bowers then struck her, saying he would serve her the same as he had done her husband.

After hearing both cases the Bench discharged Job Bowers, and fined Giles Bowers 5s. and costs in each case.

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