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Attack on Fathers Van

Wednesday, 6th April 1904

At the Wonford Petty Sessions held at the headquarters of the Devon Constabulary yesterday, before Mr. W. T. Bayne (chairman), Colonel Blake, Rev. F. F. Buckingham, and a Mr. A. Brooking, Belcher Small, a gipsy, was charged with committing wilful and malicious damage to a caravan the property of Moses Small, his father, at Alphington on the 1st inst. The owner estimated the damage at £3.

P.S. Bontfield stated that on Good Friday about 3.30 p.m., he saw defendant wilfully ramming at the prosecutors van with a pole which made three holes in the side. Four panes were also smashed. The father of the defendant come on the scene and gave his son into custody.

Defendant pleaded guilty and attributed his conduct to the influence of drink, and to a row he had with his fathers wife.

The Bench fined defendant 10s and cost, and ordered him to pay £2 10s towards the cost of repairing the van; £3 7s in all. The alternative was 14 days imprisonment.
Defendant was allowed a week to pay the money.

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