West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

Gathering Ferns

Thursday, 27th March 1902

Whilst at the railway station on Thursday, P.S. Jones, of Lostwithiel, observed a large package of ferns on the platform. The sergeant had suspicions that all was not right, and made certain inquiries. As a result, the next day (Friday) he went in the direction of St. Winnow, and afterwards, in company with P.C. Cook, of Lerryn, found a horse and trap at the gate leading in to Tregays, Mr. James Thomas's.

The two officers then went to the wood, and there they found William Packman, a Gipsy, gathering ferns. On being asked what he intended to do with the ferns, the man said he meant to send them to Plymouth.

The Police took Packman, who was about 35 years of age, to Tregarys House, before Mr. Thomas, who is a county magistrate. The man commenced to cry, and pleaded hard to be forgiven, saying he had a wife and large family to maintain, and that if allowed to go he would leave the neighbourhood. Mr. Thomas told the man if he would leave the neighbourhood he would overlook the offence he had committed, and asked the Police to liberate him.

Mr. Thomas at the same time cautioned the fellow as to his conduct in the future.

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