Taunton Courier & Western Advertiser

Gentlemanly Gipsy

Wednesday, 24th September 1890

If all law-breakers possessed the exceedingly accommodating disposition of William Saunders, a Yeovil Gipsy, the Policeman's lot would be much happier than it is at present.

This roving Romany allowed three of his horses to stray on the highway at Cheddon Fitzpaine, where they were promptly caught and impounded by a watchful Policeman.

Saunders subsequently paid the pound fee, and called next morning on Supt. Durham, to whom he bluntly explained that he had,

"come to give him chance of summoning him."

He profusely apologised for the fact that a business engagement would prevent him attending the police-court on Saturday, but was thoughtful enough to leave half a sovereign with the superintendent, giving him instructions to,

"help himself to whatever the beaks clapped on him, and send on the change."

"One shilling and six shillings costs" was the magisterial mandate, and so Sparks has had a postal order for the odd three shillings sent back to him.

The task of the administrators of the law would indeed be an enviable one if all defendants were as charmingly courteous as this gentlemanly Gipsy.

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