Essex Herald

Grays Petty Sessions

Monday, 15th February 1886

Grays Petty Sessions, Feb. 12th
Magistrates presnet - The Rev, C. Smalley, in the chair; and Henry Joslin, Esq.

East Tilbury: Sheep Worrying and Poaching.

Lazarus Buckley, a Gipsy, of West Tilbury, was charged with allowing a dog to kill a sheep, value £3, the property of Mr. Francis Asplin, farmer, at East Tilbury, on Feb. 3rd.

The prisoner and another man were hunting a marsh with a dog and were pursued by George Butcher. The men ran through a marsh in which a number of sheep were feeding, and the prisoner's dog caught one of the sheep and so injured it that it had to be killed. Mr Asplin said he valued the sheep at £3, and £1 1s. 6d. had been paid by the butcher for the carcase.

The same prisoner and Goliath Buckley, his brother, was charged with trespassing on lands occupied by Mr. Asplin on the same day.

Lazarus Buckley was further charged with being the owner of a dog and not keeping it under proper control. P.C. Wood said that when he fetched the dog from the prisoner's tent he had to put a line over it's head with a long stick because the dog was so fierce and would not allow him to go into the tent.

Lazarus was convicted in each case and was ordered to pay in all £5 1s. 3d. or in default six weeks' hard labour. The dog was orderd to be destroyed. Goliath was fined 5s. and 10s. 3d. costs for trespassing, or seven days' hard labour. Both were committed in default of payment.

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