North Devon Journal

A Gipsy Wedding

Thursday, 22nd April 1875

On Monday morning the town was enlivened by a gipsy wedding. A great number of the tribe encamped in the Green on Saturday in preparation and on Monday morning a crowd of people assembled before the Duke of York to see the happy couple start for the parish church. Crowds also gathered in the streets, and the number of people gathered at the church was so great that there was scarcely any passing.

About 10 o'clock a carriage and pair drove up, the coachman wearing a white rosette. After waiting a short time two couples got into the carriage amid the hurrahs of the people, which were responded to by the waving of handkerchiefs by the bridal party as they drove off.

Every available spot near the altar was crowded with people. The rush to the church was so great that the gates had to be closed. After the knot was duly tied the happy couple came through the churchyard to their carriage in gipsy fashion, pushing against each other, and against the crowd, in the midst of shouts, laughter, and hurrahs.

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