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A Gipsy In Trouble

Wednesday, 1st March 1871

On Saturday last, William Stanley, a licensed hawker, was arrested by Sergeant Kelly, charged with having committed a felony in Devon. From a description received by the sergeant he arrested the prisoner, who, upon being told of the offence, declared that he had not been in that county for many months; but his captor did not believe that, and informed him that he would be glad of his company for a few days, until he could communicate with the police at Exeter.

He was taken to Clevedon court, before Sir A. H. Elton, Bart., who remanded him until Monday, when no doubt was felt that the Devon authorities would send an officer to see him safe to Exeter and give a free ticket to that city.

Stanley was left in care of a constable, who was to see him to Long Ashton, but we suppose he did not relish this, thought to get rid of his companion, and took to his heels and left without the customary shake of the hand, or even a "good night". The man in blue did not relish so abrupt a departure, and resolved that he would follow suit. He did so, and after a nice run placed his not gentle hand on the flying prisoner, and brought him back to where he had started from, crest-fallen.

Stanley now expressed his contrition, and promised not to do so again, but he was very properly handcuffed, and safely lodged at his destination. He has, we understand, on several occasions made his escape from the police. When arrested in Devon, he made off, leaving his coat in the hands of the constable.

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