Exeter & Plymouth Gazette

Gipsy Vagrancy

Friday, 28th June 1861

At the Town Hall, on Monday, before W. Creed, Esq., Benjamin Crocker, Harriet Crocker, Delia Crocker, Britannia Crocker, John Crocker, John Small, Rhoda Small, Rosa Small, Cinderella Small, St. Cecilia Small, Rhoda Small, jun., Catherine Stanley and Sophia Stanley, of the gipsy fraternity, were brought up in custody of P.C. Bray, charged with vagrancy at Ipplepen, on the previous night.

This being the second offence of the Crocker family, they were committed for 14 days, and the other defendants for seven days hard labour.

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  • Benjamin Crocker
  • Britannia Crocker
  • Catherine Stanley
  • Cecilia Small
  • Cinderella Small
  • Delia Crocker
  • Harriet Crocker
  • John Crocker
  • John Small
  • Rhoda Small
  • Rhoda Small
  • Rosa Small
  • Sophia Stanley