Hampshire Advertiser

The Gypsies

Saturday, 19th July 1845

Our Readers are aware that the Rev. J. Crabb and his very zealous coadjutor, the Rev. John West, Rector of Farnham, Dorset, have long felt the necessity of directing their attention to the improvement of the Gypsies, and more particularly to the Gypsy children, with a view to amalgamate them with society, and to prevent their being brought up in the folly and sin of fortune-telling, which is the chief support of many Gypsy families, and proves a great hinderance to their colonization.

A committee of clergymen and laymen has now been formed, to establish a school for the board and scriptural instruction of Gypsy children, to which Lord Ashley has kindly consented to become patron. The place chosen for the school, is Farnham, Dorsetshire. The site is an elevated spot, to which there is attached nearly two acres of land, on which spade husbandry is to be carried out by the Gypsy children, to aid the establishment. It is intended that an aged Gypsy, of the name of Stanley, shall lay the first stone of this building, on Thursday, the 24th instant.

We learn also that the committee of council has voted 100l. as a donation towards the erection of the building.

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