Exeter & Plymouth Gazette

The Gipsies

Saturday, 8th September 1838

To the Editor of the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette.

I have had a copy of your paper put into my hand, and with pleasure I have read in it a letter addressed to the Christian public, relating to the moral state of the Gipsies. I lament with the writer, that so few care for their souls. I have stood alone, almost in the plans which I have followed for ten years, and spent several hundred pounds to accomplish the object so dear to my heart.
I have taken the liberty by this night's post, to forward to you two newspapers, which contain an account of two yearly meetings of Gipsies, held at my house. The account is given by the Editor of the paper, who is always present on those occasions.
I have published a little work, entitled 'The Gipsies Advocate' which has gone through three editions, (7000 copies in the whole) and which gives a minute history of this people. Perhaps I may with truth say, that no man ever had such an opportunity of describing their actual situation, as I have had them constantly around me; tenting in my grounds whenever they please, and some of them work for me in my fields constantly. There is not a secret in their habits but I know.
Should the Christian friend who has written the letter on this interesting subject, wish to communicate with me, I will gladly reply to any questions he may propose to me.
I am, Sir, your very obliged Servant,
James Crabb
Spring Hill House,
Southhampton, Aug. 31, 1838.

[We think it due to Mr Crabb to insert his letter, as being highly creditable to his character as a Christian Philanthropist; and the beneficial result of Mr. C's efforts in behalf of this neglected people on a confined scale, is sufficient to prove the feasibility of a more extended plan of civilizing and christianizing them - Ed.]

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