Sheffield Iris

An Aged Gypsy

Tuesday, 8th May 1838

Last week, in the Union Hospital, Nottingham, Mrs Sarah Boswell, aged 93! This is another of the illustrious of the Gypsy tribe, who is gone to that place whence no traveller returns.

Though living as a Gypsy all her life, she has far outgone the common age of mortals; but this perhaps may be accounted for by the fact that she was a Queen. Her marriage lines, which were seen at the work-house, indisputably proved that she was married to the great Boswell, the King of the Gypsies, 72 years since.

The King died at the Gypsy-camp, at bestwood-park, in 1835, and he was interred in Eastwood Church-yard. His Queen was soon afterwards chargeable to Selstone parish, and was sent to Basford Union Workhouse, from which she came out in March last, and was received into the Nottingham Union Hospital, where she was placed under suspended orders, on account of severe illness.

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