Sherborne Mercury

Devon County House of Correction

Monday, 13th February 1832

The following persons were committed as vagrants to the Devon County House of Correction, last week, for sleeping in tents in the open air, having no visible means of obtaining a livelihood, and not giving a satisfactory account of themselves; Matthew Broadway, Sen., for two months; Matthew Broadway, jun., his wife, and child, for six weeks; Peter Hicks, his wife, and six children, for one month. They were all of the Gipsy tribe.

Peter Hicks had £81.10s., in gold, in his possession, which was detained, by order of the Magistrates, for the purpose of defraying the expence of apprehension and maintenance in prison. The others had horses and other property, which will be sold to defray the expense of their apprehension and maintenance, unless they pay for it from some other source.

The wife of the senior Broadway escaped from the constable, and it is supposed she had considerable property in her possession.

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