Dorset County Chronicle

Stolen Horses Recovered

Thursday, 23rd July 1829

Whereas a mare and a gelding, supposed to have been stolen by a Gipsy, named Stanley, were seized on Beaminster Down, on Sunday last, and impounded in the Beaminster Pound, where they will be kept until Thursday, the 30th inst., in order to give an opportunity to the owners to reclaim them upon payment of the expences; but in case no Claim should be made for such Mare and Gelding before that time, they will then be sold in the marketplace of Beaminster, to defray such expences.


Black Mare, wind broken, 14 hands high, white star in forehead, little white on each of the hind legs, with 2 saddle-marks on the near side.
Chesnut Gelding, apparently wind-broken, 15 hands high, the off leg behind white nearly to the hock, mane and tail very light.

22nd July, 1829.

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