Hampshire Advertiser

Detention Of Horse Stealers

Monday, 4th September 1826

Lymington, Sept. 2.
Detection of Horse-Stealers.

On Sunday morning last, our constable (Bridle) brought in here from Arundel in Sussex two notorious horse-stealers (part of a gang of that description), named Reuben Stanley, and Francis Proudley, together with four horses, evidently stolen, which they had in their possession.

A few months since Bridle recovered two horses which had got into the hands of this marauding gang, but failed in capturing the thieves till last week, when he received intimation that the above named individuals of the gang were detained at the place before named, in compliance with directions he had previously left there. One of the prisoners is an old man, and though incapable from infirmity of taking an active part in their villainous transactions, was nevertheless perhaps the most mischievous of the part, since the old sinner, it is said, performed the office of a counsellor, and contrived the schemes, which his pupils acted upon.

The magistrates upon their examination had little doubt as to their guilt, and therefore fully committed them.

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