Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette

Wiltshire Summer Assizes

Thursday, 21st July 1825

Levi Burton and Belcher Dicks were convicted of stealing a mare, the property of Humphry Gifford at North Cadbury; and a mare poney the property of Thos. Parsons at South Cadbury. They were first indicted jointly, when Dicks was acquitted, and Burton found guilty. Dicks was then indicted alone, and found guilty of stealing the horse of Parsons.

On going down the steps, Burton said to the Judge,

'I wish your head was chopt off.'

These fellows belong to that desperate gang, known by the name of Burton's gang, and which has for some time been in the neighbourhood of Salisbury, awaiting the event of their brethren's trial.

Sentence of death was recorded.

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