Bristol Mirror

Gipsey Horse Stealers

Saturday, 13th September 1823

Sunday last, a gang of gipsies, who are infesting the neigbourhood of Bath, and who had been offering several horses for sale in that city on Saturday, were apprehended at the Bear Inn, Holloway, with two horses in their posssession, which were detained.

From the description of these fellows, they appear to be the persons who stole two bay mares and a black pony from the vicinity of London about ten days ago; since which they have been at Chichester and Salisbury, and also at Corsham and Bristol fairs. Their practice is to steal horses in one part of the country, which they take to a distant part, where they sell the animals for what they can obtain for them, or exchange them for inferior horses, receiving some cash for the barter; they then steal horses from the neighbouring grounds, which are also taken to a considerable distance and disposed of in a similar manner; a plan which evidently renders their detection extremely difficult.

Thomas Stanley, one of the gang, has been committed to Shepton-Mallet House of Correction for one month to hard labour, as a rouge and vagabond. All the rest were discharged.

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