Stamford Mercury

Fifteen Guineas Reward

Friday, 27th September 1816

Fifteen Guineas Reward

Escaped, as the Gaoler of the County of Rutland was conveying him to go on board the Hulks;
England Hern, alias Herring,
A Gipsy, and a native of Ashwell, in Rutland; aged 25 years, 5 feet 10 inches and a quarter high, dark complexion, black eyes and whiskers, well made; had on a velveteen frock, with plated buttons, patch-work waistcoat, light-cord breeches, and old worsted stockings. He was convicted of grand larceny at the last Rutland Assizes, and sentenced to be transported for seven years.

Whoever will apprehend and lodge the said England Hern, alias Herring, in any of his Majesty's Gaols, shall receive a Reward of Fifteen Guineas on his apprehension,

From Henry Halford,
Gaoler of the County of Rutland.

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