Taunton Courier & Western Advertiser

A Shocking Outrage

Thursday, 23rd January 1812

Last week a shocking outrage was committed at Alton, Hants. A young woman, who had been with two children to school, was returning with some liquor for the family with which she lived fervant, when a gang of gypsies, known in that country by the name of the Stanleys, stopped her.

A female belonging to the gang, first stripped the clothes off her back, and left her exposed to the inclemency of the weather. The poor girl in that situation begged hard for some part of her dress to cover her nakedness, but instead of compliance with her request, she received from the brutal miscreants several severe wounds in different parts of her body. One of the wretches threatened to cut off her breast, and actually inflicted a deep wound for that purpose.

After remaining there in a most shocking state a considerable time, she was discovered by some servants belonging to a farmer, and by them conveyed to her abode in the vicinity of Alton.

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