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Saturday, 5th June 1802

On Tuesday morning last, James Lee, Lydia Lee, and Angeletta Lovell, all Gypsies, and the last mentioned near 80 years of age, belonging to the Nottinghamshire gang, to which Stephen Lee, lately taken, was attached, were committed to the House of Correction at Chelmsford, as rogues and vagabonds.

These three persons applied to the Magistrate for permission to visit Stephen Lee. James Lee, stating himself to be the brother, and Lydia the wife, of Stephen; the Magistrate, considering them as improper persons to travel about the country, not having, according to their own confession, any honest means of obtaining a livelihood, and also understanding that they had slept in barns and out-outhouses, was induced to commit them until proper enquiries can be instituted, whether such suspicious persons have not been guilty of some felony at the place from whence they came, or upon the road.

At Nottingham, the herd of Gypsies, when Lee was taken, numbered nearly one hundred.

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