Salisbury and Winchester Journal

To Be Recovered

Monday, 31st January 1780

Stolen, from North Stoneham, in the county of Hants, on Saturday evening the 22nd of January, 1780, a dark brown gelding, about 14 hands high, with a star in his forehead, burn marked with a V in his left shoulder, the off foot behind of a dark grey, and when lost had a long tail never docked; he is five years old.

It is supposed the horse was stolen by one Stanley and his wife, in company with another man; Stanley wore a dark brown surtout coat, with a yellow cape, and has lost a thumb or finger off his right hand; the other man had long light hair, and wore light coloured clothes.

Whoever will give information so as the horse may be recovered, and the offenders be brought to justice, shall, on conviction, receive one Guinea reward for the horse, and one Guinea reward for apprehending each person concerned, in all four Guineas, by me Thomas Weston, of North Stoneham. They are supposed to be gone westward.

N.B. Whoever shall keep this horse after this notice, shall be prosecuted as the law directs.

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