Manchester Mercury

Committed to the Northgate

Tuesday, 21st November 1769

Tuesday Se'nnigh the following Gypsies viz. Edward Blewitt, Eliz. Blewitt, Mary White, Frances Lovell, William Blewitt, and Margaret his Wife, were apprehended and examined at the Pentice in the City of Chester, on suspicion of having stolen six pieces of Irish Linen out of Mr. Hickson's Waggon, which travels from thence to Warrington, and the same Evening were committed to the House of Correction for further Examination.

Next Day they were again examined by the said Magistrates, and there appearing some Proofs to suppose them guilty, as several Parcels of Cloth were found concealed about them, but the marks of each Piece being cut off, could not be sworn to; notwithstanding which, their way of life, as vagrants, and some things being found also concealed, as well as the Linen about them, they were all committed to the Northgate; and on Saturday last another of their Gang - Lovell, was apprehended and likewise committed to the same Prison.

'Tis said the whole Gang consists of twenty-two Persons.

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