The Ipswitch Journal

Stolen Lamb

Saturday, 15th September 1764

We here that some time since a Farmer returning from Rochester-market, in Kent, not far from his own House, observed a Fire in one of his Fields; & riding up to see what was the Occasion thereof, perceived a Company of strolling Gypsies sitting round it. As soon as he approached near enough to be heard, one of the Duennas running towards him desired him not to come any nearer, telling him at the same time it was all Woman's business, which in her Cant she repeated three or four times.

The good man imagining it to be one of their Women in Labour, returned back, and when he got home, dispatched his Wife and a Servant with a large Pitcher of Caudle, and some Caps, Clouts, etc. for the supposed Infant, who, when they arrived, found the Gypsies feasting upon a whole Lamb, which they has stolen out of a Farmer's Flock, and just roasted by the Fire he had seen.

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