Caledonian Mercury

A Trial Of Four Gypsies

Monday, 11th February 1732

Dumfermling, Febr. 8, 1732.

This day was finished here a very tedious Trial of four Gypsies, (or Gypsies habite & repute, Strollers of vagabonds) which lasted betwixt 18 & 19 Hours, by the Honoured Capt. Halket, James Dewar of Lawfoddie, and Henry Walwood of Garvock, Deputies of the Most Honourable the Marquis of Tweeddale as Heritable Bailie of the Justiciary and Regality Courts of Dumfermling; When, on a full and plain Proof, James Ramsay, one of the Gang, was sentenc'd to be Hang'd the 22nd of March next; and the other three, to be Whipt the first Wednesday of each Month for one half year, and afterwards to be banish'd the Regality for ever; with Certification, etc.

James Ramsay has, since Sentence pronounced, confess'd to the Rev. Mr. Ralph Erskine, that he stole the four Oxen and young Cow, one of the Branches of his Indictment.

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